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Dubai City Tour With Burj Khalifa

You can’t claim to have seen the whole of Dubai, no matter how frequently you visit the city. Falak’s Dubai City Tour with Burj Khalifa fills this gap quite efficiently, allowing you to see and experience the city’s top tourist attractions in one go. You’ll be amazed how much this pearl diving center turned bustling metropolis and global business and leisure hub has to offer to the tourists!

Falak’s Dubai City Tour provides you a walk through the history and glittering glamor of Dubai. The story of city’s amazing transition over the past two decades, and its man-made architectural marvels will simply take your breath away. The city of superlatives, Dubai houses the largest man-made island, the largest shopping mall, the only seven-star hotel, the longest dancing fountains, the longest automated metro system, and the tallest building on earth, to name a few.

The highlight of the tour will be a trip to the world’s tallest building Burj Khalifa. The 2,722 ft high skyscraper in the heart of Dubai is quite a spectacle. The building has many records to its credit including the tallest existing structure, tallest structure ever built, building with most floors, highest elevator installation, highest vertical concrete pumping, highest nightclub, highest New Year display of fireworks, and more.

The adjoining dancing fountains, which are the world’s longest fountains, are also an unforgettable sight. If you also have Dubai City Tour with Burj Khalifa on your bucket list, do it with Falak and we guarantee an unforgettable experience.



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