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Dubai City Tour and Desert Safari

With Dubai itself having risen out of the desert dunes in a matter of the past couple of decades, the desert remains to be a top attraction for the holidaymakers. It’s amazing how the city has created an entertainment value out of the scorching desert that could be simply unbearable on a normal day. Driving a 4X4 jeep on the shifting sand dunes has turned into a thrilling, wild sport that tops the to-do list of many Dubai travelers.

There are countless tour operators in Dubai that offer desert safari tours. But the Dubai City Tour + Desert Safari combo that we offer at Falak is hard to match, both in terms of quality and affordability. Our City Tour provides you a walk through the history and glittering glamor of Dubai. This city of the superlatives will often leave you spoilt for choice with its largest man-made island, the largest shopping mall, the only seven-star hotel, the longest dancing fountains, the longest automated metro system, and the tallest building on earth. Luckily, we have most of it covered in our Dubai City Tour.

The highlight of the tour is most certainly Dubai Desert Safari. When touring with Falak, you get to enjoy this highly sought-after activity in the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve to which only a handful of operators have access. An added advantage of doing Desert Safari with us that a portion of your tour fee goes into supporting the local conservation projects. So, you’ll be helping the community while making unforgettable memories.



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